About Röcssti


The layout of this website has been made by Fabien Sauter, psycho-joker-graphic-creative-designer. The webfont used is named QuickSand, created by Andrew Paglinawan.


This wonderful website uses Prism to present code sections, its contrasts have been slightly enhanced. Modernizr has been also used to provide shiny SVG for browsers able to read it (retina screen ©, if you read me). The “über-wünderbach” Firefox extension WCAG Contrast checker was also a great help.

Web Quality

This “motherfuckerEyjafjallajökull” website uses the “motherfuckerEyjafjallajökull” Firefox extension Opquast Desktop to manage web quality, which means enhance and keep it the highest possible. Opquast quality checklists have also been a great reference.


I’ve made this website ASAP (as accessible as possible). If you have a suggestion or if I made some rubbish, I’m listening to you. You may also practice TDD (development by asking me on Twitter, to @Nico3333fr).

Privacy and DNT

This website respects your DNT parameters. If you have set it up to not be tracked, the website won’t collect anything. IP addresses are anonymized on 2 bytes on a self-hosted Piwik.

Terms and conditions

This domain name, the hosting and this website are Nicolas Hoffmann’s property. Röcssti is under MIT license: you are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, remix, transform, if you give appropriate credit and provide a link to the license (and the author can be happy to know that you are using Röcssti).

Röcssti is free, however if you have a pang of conscience, you can always send me money or make me a transfer to my Paypal account (on demand).


99 percent of the dumb humor on this website is made by the author, who never managed to be ashamed of it.

Things that you don’t see, which the author is proud of:

  • this website is served as application/xhtml+xml, in other words in XHTML5 ;
  • almost all pages have got 100/100 to Dareboost tests;
  • this website has an ecoindex of 82.8 (A);
  • this website got a A+ to Mozilla Observatory, scoring 130/100;
  • this website uses a Service Worker and has scored 100/100 as a PWA;
  • 42 Röcssti-quotes have been created;
  • links that need it have a hreflang attribute;
  • typo-details: this site uses wonderful “english quotes” and the real “’” (not the horrible “'”);
  • and you only have to search, lazy people.


Röcssti website uses Röcssti. Yes. So it respects its license.