LESS and Sass versions of Röcssti


These two versions offer several functions:

  • to accelerate the calculation of typographic sizes in em;
  • to automatically calculate vertical rythm of hx structure;
  • to automate the generation of the helpers;
  • to activate some options (or not), as Right-To-Left, hyphenation, etc.

They also propose some conventions for variables, in order to better maintain your projects.

Sass versions of Röcssti

For the moment, the Sass version is the most advanced version of Röcssti with preprocessors. It includes mixins to make life easier and industrialize all the grunt work, each section is in a separate file.

Röcssti Sass on Github Sass version of Röcssti (ZIP, 13kb)

Note: a mobile-first version is also available:

  • its structure is inverted (from smaller screens to wider);
  • mixins are also adapted, especially the media-queries;
  • Etc.

Sass version of Röcssti (mobile-first), Github Sass version of Röcssti (mobile-first) (ZIP, 12kb)

LESS version of Röcssti

LESS version is about the same as the Sass one. For the moment, it is a bit less advanced, but I’m working to balance these two versions.

LESS version of Röcssti on Github LESS version of Röcssti (ZIP, 11kb)

Without preprocessors?

Yes, we are in preprocessors section, anyway! A tool is available for you if you can’t or don’t want to use Sass or LESS versions. This tool makes some of the preprocessing that Sass or LESS versions can do, it will save your time at the beginning of a project.

Use the Röcssti-Builder

En français ?

Röcssti est disponible en français, vous devriez jeter un œil au dépôt Röcssti sur Github.
Les versions Sass et LESS sont maintenues en français.

Röcssti Sass sur Github Röcssti Sass (ZIP, 13ko)

Röcssti LESS sur Github Röcssti LESS (ZIP, 11ko)